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Aluminum Rod

Aluminum rods are aluminum plates made of aluminum and other metal elements.Aluminum (Al) is a light metal whose compounds are widely distributed in nature. The resource of aluminum in the earth's crust is about 40-50 billion tons, second only to oxygen and silicon, ranking third. Among the metal varieties, it is the first major category of metals. Aluminum has special chemical and physical properties. It is not only light in weight, strong in texture, but also has good ductility, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance and nuclear radiation resistance. It is an important basic raw material for the development of the national economy.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction
1. Aluminum rods can be divided into different aluminum plates according to the content of alloying elements: 1××× series is industrial pure aluminum (Al), 2××× series is aluminum copper alloy aluminum plate (Al--Cu), 3××× series Aluminum-manganese alloy aluminum plate (Al--Mn), 4××× series is aluminum-silicon alloy aluminum plate (Al--Si), 5××× series is aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate (Al--Mg), 6××× The series is aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy aluminum plate (AL--Mg--Si), the 7××× series is aluminum-zinc alloy aluminum plate [AL--Zn--Mg--(Cu)], and the 8××× series is aluminum and Other elements. Generally, each series must be followed by three digits, and each digit must have a number or letter. The meaning is: the second digit indicates the number of controlled impurities; the third and fourth digits indicate the lowest percentage of pure aluminum content after the decimal point. content.

2. Aluminum rods can be divided into round aluminum rods, square aluminum rods, hexagonal aluminum rods, trapezoidal aluminum rods, etc. according to their shape.

2.Product Parameter

Product Name

Aluminum Rod




T3 - T8


6000 Series


Cold Drawn



Model Number

O, H12,H14,H16,H18,H22,H24,H26,H32,H34,H111,H112,T6,F,T651


1070 1060 1100 3003 5052 5083 5086 2024 2014 2618 60617075




Aluminum alloy

Processing Service

Bending, Decoiling, Welding, Punching, Cutting, Coating


Export standard wooden pallets (as per requirements)


ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ROHS


1 Tons


1) Easy installation


2) High strength


3) Low in costs


4) Durable


5) Nice appearance


6) Anti oxidation

3.Casting process
Aluminum rod casting includes melting, purification, impurity removal, degassing, slag removal and casting processes. The main process is:
(1) Ingredients: According to the specific alloy grades to be produced, calculate the addition amount of various alloy components, and reasonably match various raw materials.
(2) Smelting: The prepared raw materials are melted in the melting furnace according to the process requirements, and the slag and gas in the melt are effectively removed by degassing and slagging refining methods.
(3) Casting: Under certain casting process conditions, the molten aluminum is cooled and casted into round casting rods of various specifications through a deep well casting system.

Q:Can you produce according to the samples?
A:Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.
Q:How to ship?
A:Sea freight,Air freight,express;
Q:What is your terms of delivery?
A:We can do EXW, FOB,FCA, CFR, CIF.ect

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