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The role of the car water tank


The role of the car water tank is mainly to cool and heat the engine of the vehicle to maintain the appropriate working temperature of the engine, prevent the engine from overheating, and achieve the purpose of protecting the engine. The specific working principle is: the cooling water absorbs heat in the water jacket, and the heat dissipates after the flow to the radiator (that is, the water tank), and then returns to the water jacket for circulation to achieve the effect of temperature control. When the water temperature of the engine is high, the pump pumps the water repeatedly to reduce the temperature of the engine; When the water temperature is too low in winter, the water circulation will be stopped to avoid the engine temperature being too low. In addition, the car water tank also plays an important role in the heating system of the car, which can provide warm air to the vehicle and bring warmth to the cab and the interior of the carriage.

Therefore, the automobile water tank is an indispensable part of the automobile cooling system, and its normal operation is of great significance to ensure the normal operation of the automobile engine and extend the service life.

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