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What to do if the car radiator leaks?


The car is leaking, teach you simple repair skills:

If the car owner finds that the radiator is leaking, he can go to the repair shop to check and replace it with a new radiator. If the water leakage still exists, the car owner should consider:

1. Check whether the radiator cover has been fastened;

2. Try filling the air into the tank to see where the water in the water tank seeps out from when it is pressurized, and then decide on the repair plan;

3. Unscrew the engine oil cover to see if there are traces of inorganic oil emulsification, if there is, disassemble the engine and replace the cylinder gasket

4.If the water tank radiator pipe leaks more seriously, cut the leaking radiator pipe from the leaking place, block the cut radiator pipe with a cotton ball coated with soap, and then use pliers to flatten the head of the cut radiator pipe and then crimp it. Press tightly to stop water leakage.