Core Assembly Machine

Nanjing Majestic Company is one of professional Core Assembly Machine Suppliers in China. We provide the best pre-sales technical consultation and after-sales professional services for the majority of users. We have been paying close attention to the real needs of customers, the improvement of efficiency and production capacity for a long time to ensure that the products provided stability and high cost performance, we will do our best to reduce customer costs and provide high-quality Core Assembly Machine, services and cost-effective overall solutions that meet customer expectations.

The core assembly machine refers to a system composed of two or three of the belt rolling machine, the pipe making machine and the core assembly machine.The core assembly system can produce heat exchanger cores such as condensers (automotive and HVAC industries), radiators, heaters, evaporators and intercoolers. Manually only need to install the screw, sleeve, nut (washer, spring washer) into the corresponding vibration plate and turn on the equipment.The equipment runs the processes of loading, discharging, feeding, loading, and twisting nuts by itself. After the equipment assembles the scattered expansion screws into a finished product, the equipment will communicate according to the information of the sensor and other visual systems, according to the set Unload and box the finished products one by one in order.Motor drive, can work when power is on, no noise, energy-saving and power-saving. 

With the development of economy and the times, the use of core assembly machine has greatly promoted the development of the automotive industry and also improved the work efficiency of workshop operations.We will design and produce according to your production needs, and provide a full set of drawings and manuals. The core assembly machine is guaranteed for one year, and provides after-sales service and maintenance. It will also help train and guide the operation of the machine.
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  • The radiator core assembly machine refers to a system composed of two or three of the belt rolling machine, the tube making machine and the core assembly machine.The radiator core assembly machine can produce heat exchanger cores such as condensers, radiators, heaters, evaporators and intercoolers.

  • So far, the products produced by the company cover many fields such as automobiles, industry, and construction industries. It has also exported automatic core assembly machine to major heat exchanger manufacturers in the world. The coverage is wide and the technical content is high. Customer needs are the driving force for us to move forward, and at the same time we have accumulated valuable design experience for our company. We always maintain good interaction with customers and produce practical equipment.

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