Aluminum water cooling plate
  • Aluminum water cooling plateAluminum water cooling plate

Aluminum water cooling plate

Aluminum water cooling plate is an efficient cooling technology for heat dissipation and is suitable for various electronic equipment and computer systems. It achieves effective heat dissipation by introducing the cooling medium (usually water) into the plate and using the high thermal conductivity of water to quickly transfer heat to the radiator.

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Product Description

Aluminum water cooling plate

Product Description

Aluminum water cooling plate, also called liquid cooling plate, is an original component of a water-cooling radiator. It is a component that exchanges heat through liquid cooling. The principle is to form a flow channel in the metal plate, and the electronic components are installed on the surface of the aluminum water cooling plate (the heat-conducting medium is coated in the middle). The internal coolant enters from the inlet and flows out from the outlet, taking the heat of the components with it.

With the use of aluminum water cooling plate, the liquid is forced to circulate under the drive of the pump to take away the heat of the radiator. Compared with air cooling, it has the advantages of being quiet, stable cooling, and less dependent on environmental cultivation. The cooling performance of the aluminum water-cooled plate is directly proportional to the flow rate of the cooling liquid (water or other liquid). The flow rate of the refrigerant liquid is related to the power of the water pump of the refrigeration system. The heat capacity of the water is large, which makes the water-cooled refrigeration system very valuable. Good heat load capacity. Equivalent to 5 times that of an air-cooled system. For example: the CPU operating temperature curve is very flat. Systems using air-cooled radiators will experience temperature spikes in a short period of time when running programs with heavy CPU loads, or may exceed the CPU warning temperature. However, water-cooled heat dissipation systems have much smaller thermal fluctuations due to their large heat capacity. . Aluminum water cooling plate flow channels are formed by processing. Common processing techniques include friction welding, vacuum welding, embedded copper pipes, deep hole drills, etc.

Advantages of aluminum water cooling plate

Compared with traditional heat dissipation methods, aluminum water cooling plates have the following advantages:

1. Better heat dissipation effect: Water has a large specific heat capacity and high thermal conductivity, and has better heat dissipation effect on high-power equipment.

2. Lower noise: Water cooling reduces the use of cooling fans, making the overall noise smaller.

3. Better stability: The aluminum water-cooling plate physically isolates the radiator, which prevents the radiator from directly causing strong vibrations to the equipment and improves the stability of the equipment.

4. Higher safety: Using water as the heat conduction medium avoids problems such as evaporation, enabling, and fire that may occur when using traditional heat dissipation methods, ensuring the safety of the equipment.


Aluminum water cooling plate is used for different ranges of heat exchange or collection, such as new energy vehicles/vehicles, solar panels, solar collectors, photovoltaic power generation collectors, collectors, superconducting panels, vapor chambers, vapor chambers , here are some applications for your reference.


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