Extruded Aluminium Tube

Nanjing Majestic Auto Parts Company specializes in supplying kinds of aluminum tube, such as Aluminium High Frequency Welded Tube, Extruded Aluminium Tube,Aluminium Multi channel Tube,Seamless Aluminium Tube, Composite Aluminium Tube.ect. 

Extruded aluminum tubes/tubes, as a widely used aluminum profile type, aluminum tubes are square, rectangular, and round, and various sizes are available according to external dimensions. For customers, the strength of the tube is a very important consideration, which is determined by the selected aluminum alloy, wall thickness and tube size.
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  • We produce high quality uncladded aluminum radiator tube.We focus on manufacturing radiator tubes for more than 12years. We are one of the largest manufacturer in China.

  • The drawn aluminum tube is a light-weight solution for standard heat exchangers, using mechanically expanded round tubes, flat oval tubes and other shapes of tubes as customized specifications

  • Seamless aluminum tube is one of the most important and widely used products of our company. We manufacture, supply, export, trade and wholesale efficiently in almost all regions of the country and other countries. These aluminum tubes are used in various industries.

  • Most of the aluminum tubes on the market are produced by extrusion. In the production of extruded radiator tubes, short round rods, high temperature, and slow extrusion processes are used. Especially the "three temperatures" must be controlled. The aluminum rods, extrusion cylinders, and molds must be kept clean. The aging time and temperature are based on the tube wall. The thickness and the size of the pipe diameter should be adjusted appropriately.

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