Universal Oil Cooler

Nanjing Majestic Company is located in Jiangsu, China. Our Company is one of China universal oil cooler manufacturers.We have more than twelve years of experience in manufacturing universal oil coolers. We can produce customized universal oil cooler , and also have stock oil cooler for you to choose.We can manufacture most oil coolers, such as trucks, construction vehicles, daily driving vehicles and racing cars.Moreover, our factory is certified by ISO/ TS16949 .Our well-trained sales team can provide you with various consultations and requirements regarding product and performance upgrades at any time. You can contact us by phone or email, we welcome your questions and feedback.

Universal oil cooler is an important supplement to high performance engine. Engine oil is easy to overheat, make it thin, and the protection of important parts of the engine is insufficient, which leads to premature wear of the engine. This is especially true for PD engines, which are known for excessive camshaft wear.The universal oil cooler is a universal kit that can be installed in place. It needs to be installed where airflow is easy to pass, such as a radiator or fog lamp in the front of the car. Universal brackets can be cut or bent to fit in the right position.

We can custom universal oil cooler according to your requirements and drawing. Our company has a research and development department and has obtained many patent certificates. Our products are exported to Russia, Europe, South America, North America, South Africa, Southeast Asia, India and many other countries and regions in the world. We have always been adhering to the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first, and win-win cooperation". While opening up the market, we continue to pay more attention to improving the professional level and comprehensive competitiveness of the group. Strive to bring the most professional service.Looking forward to work with you. 
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  • We provide various types of motorcycle oil coolers, and can custom motorcycle oil cooler according to customer requirements. It is made of fully durable and thick high-quality aluminum with good corrosion resistance and heat dissipation. We can support small batch orders. Welcome to inquire.

  • Nanjing Majestic Company focus on manufacturing aluminum radiator assembly,  inter-cooler assembly and aluminum oil-cooler assembly for 12 yeas. We are one of the largest producers in China. Moreover, our factory is certified by ISO/ TS16949 .Definitely we are able to offer you quality products and competitive prices.If you have any questions,please feel free to let me know and looking forward to working with you.

  • An oil cooler is essentially any device or machine used to cool oil.Help keep the engine cool by keeping the oil supply at a consistent temperature. Nanjing Majestic Company is one of largest manufacturer for oil cooler aftermarket. We professionally cooperate with the after-sales market. If any needs, welcome to contact us.

  • Because the oil has thermal conductivity and continuously flows and circulates in the engine, the oil cooler has a cooling effect on the engine crankcase, clutch, valve assembly, etc. Even for a water-cooled engine, the only parts that can be cooled by water are the cylinder head and cylinder wall, and other parts still need to be cooled by oil coolers.Oil coolers are divided into tube belt oil cooler and plate-fin oil cooler ect.

  • We carefully manufacture each plate fin oil cooler to be compatible with your system, each product is your system, and each plate fin oil cooler is carefully designed to provide you with the best combination of heat transfer and pressure drop.

  • Stainless Steel Oil Cooler is mainly used to cool the lubricating oil or fuel of the engine of vehicles, engineering machinery, ships, etc.The main material of the product includes metal materials such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, castings, etc. After welding or assembly, the hot side channel and the cold side channel are connected to form a complete heat exchanger.

Buy Universal Oil Cooler from our factory which is one of the leading Universal Oil Cooler manufacturers and suppliers in china. Our products provide good service such as One Year Warranty. If you want get discount products, you can get them from us. Our products are not only provide free sample, but also provide quotations.We also have high quality products that are customized. Welcome friends and customers from home and abroad to visit our factory and cooperate with us, hope we can get double-win.