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Causes of blistering on the surface of aluminum car radiators


Some aluminum radiators will have surface blistering during use. Most people who encounter this situation don't know what the situation is, and they seem to be at a loss. What is the reason? Let us find out together.


1. Lubricating oil is used in machinery and equipment, and car radiators are no exception. If the lubricating oil contains moisture, it will definitely affect the performance of the radiator, which is also one of the reasons for blistering.


2. There are potholes, sand holes on the surface of the car radiator before leaving the factory.


3. The internal cleaning is not clean, leaving too many stains.


4. In one case, it is because the products are unqualified before they leave the factory, such as: the casting temperature is too high, the part size deviation is large, and so on.


5. The unreasonable structure design is also a reason.

The above reasons are part of the cause of blistering on the surface of the car radiator. This is not only caused by the above factors, but also more. When we use it, we need to observe and summarize and record more, so as to avoid bad things.

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