Tube Cutting Machine

Nanjing Majestic Company is a tube cutting machine Supplier. We provide Quality Tube cutting machine and other radiator/intercooler production line. We focus on this more than 12 years.We can custom according to your requirement and will give you full drawing to check. Looking forward to work with you.

The tube cutting machine we provide can cut flat pipes of various shapes, providing the most suitable making method, and introducing an uninterrupted continuous making method. It is ensured that the flat tube depression caused by the impact force of the cut is controlled within the minimum tolerable limit. The stability, uniformity and efficiency of the product are guaranteed. In addition, the new making method also controls the bending and twisting of the flat tube within the smallest error range, which improves the accuracy of the flat tube.The pipe making machine provided by our company is suitable for high-speed making equipment of extruded flat pipes for automobile heat exchangers. During the making process, the width, thickness, direction, size, curvature and twist of the extruded tube are automatically adjusted to ensure the accuracy of the flat tube after making. In addition, according to the different needs of users, it can be connected with the arrangement of flat tubes and packaging devices to realize fully automated production, thereby greatly improving production efficiency.

Nanjing majestic Company have more than 80 staff,technicians account for 10%. Moreover, our factory is certified by ISO/ TS16949 .Definitely we are able to offer you quality products and competitive prices.So don’t worry about the quality, also our tube cutting machine have a one-year warranty. Any questions will be solved at the first time. Our tube cutting machines are exported to Russia, Europe, South America, North America, South Africa, Southeast Asia, India and many other countries and regions in the world. Our factory is looking forward have a cooperation with more customers.
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  • With the development of economy, more and more manufacturers choose to use automatic tube cutting machine. The advantage of the automatic tube cutting machine is that the quality of sawing pipe is good, there are less burrs, and the productivity is greatly improved.

  • We not only produce aluminum tubes and aluminum materials and other radiator accessories, but we also provide customers with pipe making machines, Manual Tube Cutting Machine,Automatic Tube Cutting Machine, etc., aiming to solve customer production problems. We have a professional technical team that can provide professional technical services and high-quality The product, if any needs, you can contact us at any time.

Buy Tube Cutting Machine from our factory which is one of the leading Tube Cutting Machine manufacturers and suppliers in china. Our products provide good service such as One Year Warranty. If you want get discount products, you can get them from us. Our products are not only provide free sample, but also provide quotations.We also have high quality products that are customized. Welcome friends and customers from home and abroad to visit our factory and cooperate with us, hope we can get double-win.