Radiator Fin Machine

Nanjing Majestic Company is one of radiator fin machine supplier in China.Our company provides the production of automotive water tanks, water heaters, condensers, evaporators, as well as a variety of special equipment on the production line, such as  radiator fin machine, brazing furnace, etc. at the same time, we can design a variety of special equipment according to customer requirements. Ensure the requirements of customers, innovate constantly on the basis of the original, and get more benefits in the production line. At the same time, the company has formed a technical team, and skilled staff, a rigorous quality management system and customer service system, from development to after-sales, starting from customer demand, and paying attention to customer satisfaction value. With sincere attitude, excellent quality, perfect service, to meet customers, to achieve customer satisfaction with our win-win strategy.

The radiator fin machine is a kind of fin press, which can produce square fins with a height of 10 mm, including straight fins, offset fins and corrugated fins.Applications include: aviation, cryogenic, industrial, automotive.One of the most important processes in any heat exchanger manufacturing operation is the production of fin.  For many of these heat exchangers, the fin to be produced will be manufactured on a Reciprocating Fin Stamping machine also known as a Fin Press.We has developed a complete line of Fin forming machine including one of the most technically advanced high precision machines available on the market today.  And we will engineer a fin press specifically for the requirements of your application. 

The radiator fin machine can maintain the fin height and pitch accuracy through a special fin die. By changing the fin mold, a set of fin machine can be used to produce different fins (offset fin, straight fin, perforated fin, louver fin, square wave fin, herringbone fin, etc.). Please provide your fin specifications, including fin height, pitch, thickness, material, maximum fin flow length, etc. we can match the optimized fin forming machine to meet your cooling needs.
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  • We not only produce aluminum tubes, fins and other radiator accessories, but also solve production problems for customers. If you need production lines, such as fin punching press, tube making machines and other equipment, you can contact us at any time. My aim is to serve customers with high-quality products, satisfactory service, and sincerity and trust.

  • The shape of the blade of the High Speed Fin Machine developed and designed by our company adopts special high-precision processing technology and special heat treatment method to make the forming roll more high-strength wear resistance, and to ensure that the fin forming roll has a longer service life. . If you have any needs, customers are welcome to contact.

  • The fin machine refers to the fin stamping machine, which can produce square fins with a height of 10 mm, including straight fins, offset fins, and corrugated fins. Applications include: aviation, low temperature, industrial, automotive.

  • Our roller fin machines are designed and manufactured by our skilled technicians in accordance with the industry's highest standards. These roller fin machines are easy to use, interchangeable and cost-effective.

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