Aluminum Welded Tube
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Aluminum Welded Tube

The aluminum welded tube we provide are all high-frequency seam welded, and we never slack in providing customers with cost-effective aluminum tubes. From automobiles to industrial applications, many of our electronic tubes have been highly recognized by well-known manufacturers at home and abroad.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

High frequency aluminum welded tube is also called high frequency aluminum tube. Its manufacturing method is to make the flat aluminum strip into tubes, then connect the edges by high frequency welding process, and then seam weld without using any filler material. Then adjust the size of the welded pipe until the exact size and tolerance are achieved.
aluminum welded tube is a kind of composite tube. The main difference between extruded pipe and drawn tube is that the weldable layer can be made of different aluminum alloy materials. The core material is generally 3003, and the composite weldable alloy is 4343 or 4045. It is widely used in heat exchanger production tubes to enable furnace or flame brazing and to provide sacrificial corrosivity.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

Radiator Tube (Height*R*Thickness)
Material :3003 or 4343/3003/7072 H14
12*1 .5*0.26/0.28 22*2.0*0.30/0.32/0.35/0.40
12*1.71*0.26/0.28 22.5*1.5*0.30/0.32
12*2.0*0.26/0.28 23.5*1.95*0.30/0.32/0.40
13* 1.75*0.26/0.28/0.30 23.5*2.0*0.30/0.32/0.40
14.55*1. 5*0.26/0.28/0.30 25.2*2.0*0.30/0.32/0.40
14.55*2.0*0.26/0.28/0.30 25.5*2.0*0.28/0.30
16*1.4*0.26/0.30/0.32 25.5*1.75*0.28/0.30
16*1.5*0.26/0.28/0.30/0.32 26*1.2*0.28/0.30
16*1.71*0.28/0.30/0.32 26*1.4*0.26/0.30/0.32
16*1.8*0.28/0.30/0.32 26*1.5*0.30/0.32
16*2.0*0.28/0.30/0.32/0.35 26*1.6*0.30/0.32
16*2.5*0.28/0.30 26*2.0*0.30/0.32/0.35/0.40
16.5*1.75*O.28/0.3O 27*1.5*0.30
18*1.5*0.30/0.32 27*1.2*0.30
18*1.6*0.30/0.32 32*1.75*0.28/0.30/
18*2.0*0.30/0.32/0.40 32*2.0*0.30/0.32/0.35/0.40
20*2.0*0.30/0.32 40*2.0*0.35/0.40
22*1.5*0.30/0.32 42*2.0*0.35/0.40....
22*1.6*0.30/0.32 Dimple tubes is available

3.Product Feature And Application

We develop and manufacture high frequency aluminum welded tubes are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. The tube is very suitable for heat transfer applications where weight and space are considered in the design and design, including HVAC units, automotive heat exchange systems, manifolds, evaporators and condensers. It can also be used in electrical pipelines and general pipelines, used in pipelines and buildings.


Q:Can you produce according to the samples?
A:Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.
Q:What is your terms of delivery?
A:We can do EXW, FOB,FCA, CFR, CIF.ect
Q:What is advantage on quality?
A:All processing are produced in our own factory,we can control the quality;

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