High Frequency Oil Cooler Tube
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High Frequency Oil Cooler Tube

As one of the largest tube manufacturers in China, our high frequency oil cooler tubes are manufactured with high precision and extremely low tolerances to meet the specific requirements of customers, and high frequency oil cooler tubes of various sizes and shapes can be made from a variety of alloys. And provide catalog selection or custom size.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

The high frequency oil cooler tube is manufactured by making a flat aluminum strip into a tubular shape, then connecting the edges through a high-frequency welding process, and then seam welding without using any filler material. Then adjust the size of the tube until the exact size and tolerance are reached. Generally, the core material is 3003, and the composite weldable alloy is 4343 or 4045. High frequency oil cooler tube is widely used in heat exchanger production tubes to enable furnaces or flames to be brazed and to provide sacrificial corrosion resistance.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

Rectangular tube size(Width*Height*wall thickness)
20*23*1.2 26.6*13.89*1.2
27*18*1.5 26.6*21.6*1.2
27*19*1.5 27*14*1.2
29*14*1.2 27*22*1.2
30*30*1.2 27*27*1.2
42.5*22*1.5 27*18*1.5
45*26*1.5 27*19*1.5
9.9*9.9*1.2 29*14*1.2
16*12*1.0 29*22*1.2
16*12*1.2 32*12*1.0
17*11*1.0 32*14*1.2
20*16*1.2 38*19*1.2
20*20*1.2 38*19*1.5
20*23*1.2 54.8*16*2.6
22*40.5*1.5 20.6*20*1.2
Other sizes can be customized with 10 working days.

3.Product Feature And Application

The characteristics of the high frequency oil cooler tube are: high welding speed, small welding heat affected zone, welding can not clean the workpiece, and can weld thin-walled pipes and welded metal tubes.And the high frequency oil cooler tube has good corrosion resistance and good heat transfer performance.
The high frequency oil cooler tube is mainly used automotive and industrial oil coolers.


Q: Can we be your distributor?
A: We are looking for distributors and agents all over the world.
Q: How’s the package?
A: Normally are cartons, but also we can pack them according to your requirements.
Q: How’s the delivery time?
A: It depends on the quantity you need, 1-25 days usually.

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