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What to do if cracks occur on the surface of the aluminum tube


(1): The extrusion coefficient of the aluminum tube is too high, the extrusion temperature is too high (the three temperatures of the rod, the barrel, and the die), and the extrusion speed is too fast. 

(2): The squeezing force is unstable, high and low, or the speed difference between multiple speed adjustments is obvious, and the speed changes suddenly when changing gears. 

(3): When the aluminum alloy profile is extruded, the head end is pressed (punching) too fast, the tail end is running fast or not slowed down, and the amount of aluminum in the dead zone is infiltrated. 

(4): The quality of the rod is poor, the inside of the rod is burnt, the crystal grain is loose. Tianjin 6061 aluminum tube, the overpressure (V3 aluminum) is too thin. 

(5): The flow rate ratio of the extrusion die is seriously out of adjustment. The design and manufacture are unreasonable.