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What is the function of auto condenser?

The refrigerant in gaseous state is liquefied or condensed in the condenser. When the refrigerant enters the condenser, it is almost 100% vapor, and when it leaves the condenser, it is not 100% liquid. It is because only a certain amount of heat energy is being given. The south condenser is discharged within a certain time. Therefore, a small amount of refrigerant leaves the condenser in a gaseous state, but since the next step is a liquid receiver, the state of the refrigerant does not affect the operation of the system. Compared with the engine coolant radiator, the condenser bears higher pressure than the engine coolant radiator. When installing the condenser, pay attention to the refrigerant discharged from the compressor must enter from the upper end of the condenser, and its outlet must be below, otherwise it will cause the pressure of the refrigeration system to rise, leading to the danger of the condenser bursting.