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Common problems of automobile cooling system


1. The engine is overheated
Bubbles: The air in the antifreeze fluid produces a lot of bubbles under the agitation of the water pump, which will hinder the heat dissipation of the water jacket wall.
Scale: The calcium and magnesium ions in the water will slowly form scale after a certain high temperature, which greatly reduces the heat dissipation capacity. At the same time, the water channels and pipelines will be partially blocked, and the antifreeze fluid will not flow normally.
Hazard: The engine parts expand due to heat, destroy the normal fit clearance, affect the cylinder inflation, reduce the power, and reduce the lubrication effect of the oil.

2. Corrosion and leakage
Ethylene glycol is highly corrosive to the water tank. With the failure of anti-movement liquid preservatives. Corrosion to radiator, water jacket, water pump, pipeline and other parts.