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How to deal with corrosion spots on the surface of aluminum alloy?


There are two ways to remove corrosion points. One is to use physical methods, such as sand polishing, vibration polishing and other mechanical treatment methods; the other is to use chemical treatment methods, such as strong acid polishing and hydrogen peroxide type whitening.
The aluminum alloy must be treated with anti-corrosion after removing the corrosion points, otherwise, corrosion will occur soon. There are two ways to do anti-corrosion treatment: one is to pass the salt spray resistance test, and it must be treated with a corrosion-resistant passivation agent , Such as trivalent chromium passivation treatment, chromium-free passivation treatment, the other one only needs anti-corrosion for a few months, it can be simply treated with corrosion inhibitors.
To sum up, there are corrosion spots on the surface of aluminum alloy, and there are many treatment methods. Customers can make a reasonable choice based on the actual situation of the factory when using it.