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Feature And Application of oil cooler aftermarket


1. Since the oil has thermal conductivity and continuously flows and circulates in the engine, the oil cooler aftermarket has a cooling effect on the engine crankcase, clutch, valve assembly, etc. Even in a water-cooled engine, the only parts that can be cooled with water are the cylinder head and cylinder wall, and other parts still need to be cooled by oil coolers.
2. The main material of our oil cooler aftermarket includes metal materials such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, castings, etc. After welding or assembly, the hot side channel and the cold side channel are connected to form a complete heat exchanger.
3.The oil cooler aftermarket ainly used for cooling lubricating oil or fuel oil of vehicles, engineering machinery, ships, etc. The hot side of the product is lubricating oil or fuel, and the cold side can be cooling water or air. When the vehicle is running, the lubricating oil in the major lubrication systems relies on the power of the oil pump, passes through the hot side passage of the oil cooler, and transfers heat to the cold side of the oil cooler, while the cooling water or cold air passes through the cold side passage of the oil cooler. The heat is taken away to realize the heat exchange between the cold and hot fluids to ensure that the lubricating oil is at the most suitable working temperature. Including the cooling of engine lubricating oil, automatic transmission lubricating oil, power steering gear lubricating oil, etc.