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Air Leak Test Machine

There are many brands of air leak test machine on the market, so how should we choose an air leak test machine? Which air leak test machine is good? In fact, for many customers, this problem is very obvious when choosing an air leak test machine. The following is a summary of the summary of the leak tester performance knowledge.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

The first is sensitivity: an important part of an air leak test machine. Air leak test machine must have high-efficiency sensitivity to detect small leaks and have relevant requirements for the system. Air leak test machine must have small leak detection and fast detection methods.
The second is reliability: when choosing an air leak test machine, the user must trust it. The second is that the air leak test machine must be correct for real alarms, because this will directly affect daily use and operation.
Third, accuracy: The air leak test machine is required to accurately calculate the location and number of leaks, and it must be effective and error-free.
Finally, it is time-sensitive: even if there is a failure, the air leak test machine can still operate. For example, when the sensor of the air-tightness leak detector fails, the system should immediately detect the failure and continue working.

2.Practical application

Helium leak tester is more important for improving production efficiency and shortening test time. For us, to ensure good production efficiency, in fact, if we find a large leak, it is actually a more serious problem. In response to these problems, the leak detection effect of our helium leak detector is more significant.
Using a helium air leak test machine, it only takes a few minutes to restore the helium to a reasonable level so that the test can be restarted. In this regard, we can actually find that in order to reduce the impact of large leaks, a complete test pressure has been established in one stage, and a relatively complete concentration has also been established. Use air attenuation technology to detect helium mass spectrometry.
When we use helium air leak test machine for high-speed testing, it is very important to pay attention to reducing the test time. However, if you want to perform this operation, you may need to do some processing, such as reducing the test volume, that is, filling the gap and ensuring the smallest pipe volume. In addition, we need to pay attention to nitrogen flushing. , But here, it plays a greater role in high-speed automatic processing of products and automatic connections.
Helium air leak test machine must pay attention to the detection of tools and pipelines. In molds and piping, we are used to creating test coils and the more important part of the helium supply. Ensure that a higher sealing threshold test is performed for specific leaks. This means that engineering seals, especially complex seals, are very important for the helium air leak test machine.


Q:Can we use our LOGO and designs?
A:Yes, we offer ODM and OEM services.
Q:Any warranty for the goods?
A:Normally, we offer warranty for one year upon delivery except artificial damage
Q:What's the lead time for mass production?
A:Usually it will take 15-20 days for new molds,;
after confirmation, 25-30 days for mass production.This is based on your order and requirement

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