Condenser Leak Test Machine
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Condenser Leak Test Machine

The condenser leak test machine adopts the latest foreign microcomputer chip, high-precision sensor and zero-leak solenoid valve to ensure the accuracy of the test results and the durability of the instrument. The microcomputer automatically controls the detection process and collects data, and uses the latest algorithms and special software to analyze and process the data, which compensates to the greatest extent the effects of temperature (including ambient temperature) during the detection process. It overcomes external interference and realizes direct pressure difference leak detection. The detection result is intuitive and has a high cost performance ratio. It is an ideal equipment for many air tightness detection.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

The condenser leak test machine is also called waterproof detector, leak detector, air tightness leak detector, leak detector, tightness tester, etc. Mainly used for product sealing test, waterproof test, IP protection level test. Most of the traditional leak detection methods use water immersion or soapy water spraying. According to the visual inspection of the tester, the leakage of the workpiece is judged. The amount of leakage depends on the subjective judgment of the tester, so it is difficult to eliminate the influence of human factors on the test results, and it also determines that it cannot quantitatively measure the leakage rate of the workpiece. In addition, after using this method to test, additional work such as cleaning, drying and anti-rust treatment of the workpiece must be carried out, which will bring unnecessary trouble to the production, and some products cannot enter water. Once water enters, it will be damaged. Increase the cost of waterproof testing.
With the acceleration of the industrialization process, the quality requirements for products are getting higher and higher, and the traditional leak detection methods cannot meet the actual requirements. Therefore, the current condenser leak test machine detectors mostly adopt differential pressure, direct pressure and flow types.

2.Product Feature And Application

Application areas of the condenser leak test machine:
The condenser leak test machine widely used in radiators, condensers, coolers, copper, automobile radiators, aluminum radiators: die-cast aluminum radiators, steel-aluminum composite radiators, all-aluminum radiators and other products on-line air tightness testing, sealing testing , It can also be used in the laboratory for air tightness test and sealing test.


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