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Aluminum Brazing Furnace

Majestice is a professional leader China Aluminum Brazing Furnace manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price.We not only produce automotive radiators and other accessories, but also provide you with a complete production line, such as aluminum brazing furnaces, fin machines, etc., and there will be professional technicians to provide you with professional technical services. If any needs, you can contact us at any time.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

Majestice® Aluminum brazing furnace system, mainly used for aluminum radiator, oil coolers, intercoolers, heaters, tube-belt condensers, evaporators, parallel flow condensers, stacked evaporators, power station air coolers and other workpieces Continuous brazing under nitrogen atmosphere.
Mainly used for brazing production of aluminum parts in a protective atmosphere. It mainly consists of flux spraying machine, electric drying furnace, brazing heating furnace, water-cooled air-cooling device, atmosphere control system and automatic control system. Majestice® Aluminum brazing furnace is suitable for mass production of aluminum radiators such as parallel flow condensers, stacked evaporators and automobile radiators.

2.Product Feature And Application

--The spray device has a simple structure and is easy to use.
--The circulating wind speed in the drying furnace is high and the heating capacity is large to ensure that the workpiece is completely dried.
--The Majestice® aluminum brazing furnace has fine and reasonable partitions, high temperature control accuracy, good furnace temperature uniformity, and significant energy saving effects.
--The air-cooled room is equipped with a slag cleaning room, through the side door of the inspection room, the flux residue in the brazing furnace can be cleaned; the air-cooling will not be corroded by water, and it will not be severely deformed due to cold and heat during use, and it does not require circulating cooling water .
--Perfect control system realizes production line integration, intelligence, control, warning, and protection system to ensure safe and reliable operation of the production line.
--Multi-range, high-precision oxygen analyzer provides advanced means for real-time and accurate measurement of furnace atmosphere.


Q:How do you quote and how long is the validity period of the quote?
A:We will usually make a quotation via email within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry. The price is valid for 30 days.
Q:Will you provide a warranty?
Q:How is quality ensured?
A:All our processes strictly adhere to ISO-9001 procedures.And we have a one year quality.

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