Continuous Brazing Furnace
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Continuous Brazing Furnace

This continuous brazing furnace uses high-temperature heating to continuously braze metal products under the condition that the ammonia and hydrogen decomposed by the liquid ammonia decomposition furnace are used as the atmosphere. Because there is hydrogen protection in the furnace, the metal products can be reduced under the conditions of high temperature in the furnace. Welding products can achieve smoothness and brightness. The brazed workpieces include iron-based workpieces, copper-based workpieces, and stainless steel workpieces.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

In the automotive industry, continuous gas brazing is a very important and widely used method, especially in the brazing of automotive radiators and automotive three filters. Since the 1980s in my country, various types of gas shielded continuous brazing furnaces have been introduced from abroad, which has promoted the improvement of product quality and production efficiency.Since the 1990s, my country’s scientific research units have also successively developed nitrogen-protected continuous brazing furnaces for aluminum radiators, which has promoted the development of my country’s automobile industry.

2.Product Feature And Application

This continuous brazing furnace is widely used in the brazing of stainless steel, aluminum and other parts in industries such as automobiles, diesel engines, aerospace, air-conditioning and refrigeration, gas water heaters, and electronics.
1. The heating furnace has good strength, small thermal deformation and improved service life
2. The cooling section is equipped with a heat exchanger, which greatly improves the cooling rate of the workpiece.
3. Imported furnace lining materials are selected to reduce energy consumption.
4. The special design enables stepless pressure regulation in each zone of the heating zone to ensure the constant temperature of the heating furnace. The stability of furnace temperature can reach plus or minus 1℃.
5. Unique explosion-proof design. Various fault alarm circuits and interlocking automatic protection devices are used to ensure the safe operation of the furnace.


Q:Can we visit your factory?
A:Of course,we are warmly welcome you to our factory.
Q:Will you provide a warranty?
A:Yes, we are very confident in our products,and we pack them very well,so usually you will receive your order in good condition.But due to long time shipment there will be a little damage for products.Any quality issue,we will deal with it immediately.
Q:Where is your factory located?
A:We are in Nanjing

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