Aluminum Rectangle Condenser Tube

Aluminum Rectangle Condenser Tube

Aluminum rectangle condenser tubes are mainly used in automobile air conditioners and condensers.

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Product Description

Aluminum Rectangle Condenser Tube 

1.Product Introduction

2.Aluminum rectangle collecting pipes are mainly used in automobile air conditioners and condensers.Aluminum rectangle collecting pipes are one of the important components in the air conditioning system. The fluorine in the automobile air conditioner is compressed by the compressor to produce high-temperature and high-pressure liquefied gas, which is condensed by the condenser and becomes a low-temperature and high-pressure liquid, which enters the heat collection tube.Condenser header type has cladded round condenser tubes and aluminum rectangle collecting pipes.

3.Product Feature And Application

The feature of round aluminum rectangle collecting pipes:

1). Light weight

2). Easy to solder

3). Good corrosion resistance

4). Good pressure resistance

5). Meet the standard ROHS

6). High recycling value

7). Small deviation range

8). High surface quality

The application of aluminum rectangle collecting pipes:

Its is mainly used in condensers, oil coolers, including automobile refrigerators, new energy vehicles, home appliance air conditioners, engineering machinery, spacecraft mooring and other heat exchanger cores.


Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we were established in 2003. As a manufacturer, we welcome customers to visit our factory.

Q: Do you accept customized orders?

A: Yes, we have. Your customized orders are always welcome. Please provide us with your technical performance or samples so that we can customize the product according to your preferences. For any further details, please feel free to contact us.

Q: How to get a quote faster?

A: Please provide your requirements, insulation thickness, diameter, nominal voltage, working temperature, color, quantity, application, etc. in as much detail as possible.

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