Square aluminum condenser tube
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Square aluminum condenser tube

Nanjing Majestic Company is one of the largest aluminum tube suppliers in China. Production of various radiator tube, intercooler tube, square aluminum condenser tube and round condenser tube, etc. We can quickly complete all domestic and foreign customers' orders and do our best to meet customer requirements.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction
The condenser tube is one of the important components in the air conditioning system. The role of air conditioner: fluorine in the air conditioner is compressed by the compressor to generate high temperature and high pressure liquefied gas, which is condensed by the condenser to become low temperature and high pressure liquid, and then enters the condenser main pipe to be collected. The square aluminum condenser tube we produce have different types of outer diameters and are suitable for cooling systems of different types of air conditioners. 1. The main types of square and rectangular condenser pipes are: 1). Square aluminum condenser tube 2) Rectangular condenser tube.

2. Product Specifications

Product Name

Square aluminum condenser tube




According to our catalog or customers’ drawings or requirements

Design and Tolerances

According to drawings or samples. Tolerances will be shown on each drawing


Develop molds and production according to design drawings


Square/Flat/Round/Hollow/Oval/Triangle/U Profile/L Profile/T Profile/H Profile



Quality Certification


Delivery time

15-20 days for production; if mold is opened, add 7-12 days


3.Our service
1.Your inquiries about our products and prices will be answered within 24 hours.
2.Well-trained and experienced staff will professionally answer all your inquiries in English.
3.OEM is highly welcome.
4.Your business relationship with us will be kept confidential from any third parties.
5.Provide good after-sales service, if you have any questions, please reply.

4.Product features of square aluminum condenser tube:
1.Light weight
2.Easy to solder
3.Good corrosion resistance. Good withstand voltage
4.High recovery value
5.Small deviation range
6.High surface quality

Q:When can I get your reply after the inquiry?
A:Within 12 hours, our professional sales rep will contact you to offer a quote.
Q: What are the terms of payment?
A: We can accept 100% irevocable LC at sight, deposit 30% T, etc.
Q:What kinds of alloy can you supply?
A:10x-800000 series.
Q:What if I want to know more details about your company and products?
A:Please kindly refer to our oficial website at www.mingtai-al.com for more information.
Q:Can I pay a visit to your factory to evaluate your comprehensive strength?
A: Of course you can. We would be appreciated to have your coming to China.

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