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Our company was established in 2007 and specializes in the field of auto parts and accessories for aftermarket and performance vehicles. "Quality and service" has always been our primary principle and commitment to customers all over the world. The range of products we provide includes generator radiators, ground-breaking radiators, automotive radiators, radiator cores, industrial radiator cores, radiator side brackets, oil coolers.We welcome customers to design and ODM to develop new products. We can product customized auto radiator for customers.We always ensure that our products can be safely used and accepted by all customers. If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Auto radiator is an essential part of the cooling system of automotive water-cooled engine. Automotive radiator is developing in the direction of lightweight, high efficiency and economy. The structure of automobile radiator constantly adapts to the new development. Aluminum radiator is more and more used in trucks and engineering vehicles.The main advantage of our auto radiator is that it is hand welded by skilled welders. And the auto radiator use of high-density fins and tubes to improve cooling efficiency. Strict quality control, in addition to the pressure test, each car radiator must also pass the salt spray test. High frequency vibration test, used for corrosion resistance test and strength test of automobile radiator. And our car radiator after polishing, to achieve the mirror effect or can be painted black.

Our organization is assisted by a skilled professional team who assist us in manufacturing product series that meet industry quality standards. These professionals are committed to maintaining a healthy working environment in the workstation, which helps us retain the name we have earned. Since we are an ISO-certified organization, we always strive to maintain the excellent quality of our products and therefore carry out all activities under the supervision of our experienced professionals. In addition, all products can only be delivered on the market after checking various quality parameters. With our excellent product quality, customer-centric approach and fair business policy, we have won the trust of many customers. At present, auto radiator is sold to the United Kingdom, the United States, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Russia, Brazil, Japan and many other countries. 
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  • Nanjing Majestic Auto Parts Co.,Ltd pioneers in the industry by providing the highest quality Majestice® radiator assemblies such as intercoolers, radiators, condensers as well as radiator accessories such as auto radiator part plastic tank, motherboards and more. Because of our expertise, we have always been leaders in the industry, so our role has grown stronger to meet the diverse needs of our distinguished clients.

  • The Majestice® aluminum plastic radiator made in China is an indispensable important component in the car's water-cooled engine.

  • We have been a Majestice® custom aluminum off-road radiator manufacturer since 2016. We have always provided reliable high-performance cooling aluminum radiators for off-road racing and off-road gear. We manufacture radiators for all types of off-road racing vehicles, including but not limited to off-road vehicles, but also cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, etc.

  • As a professional Majestice® Water Cooling CPU radiator manufacture, we would like to provide you Water Cooling CPU radiator. When the CPU is working, a lot of heat will be generated. If the heat is not dissipated in time, it will lead to a crash at light level, and may burn the CPU in severe cases. The water cooling CPU radiator is used to dissipate heat for the CPU. The radiator plays a decisive role in the stable operation of the CPU. It is very important to choose a good radiator when assembling the computer.

  • Nanjing Majestic Auto Parts Co,.Ltd produce various Majestice® car and truck radiators, such as aluminum-plastic radiators, all-aluminum radiators, truck radiators, Majestice® aluminum racing radiator, intercoolers, oil coolers, engineering equipment radiators, gearbox radiators, tractors Radiator, harvester radiator, plate-fin high-pressure oil radiator, etc., such as generator radiator, EGR cooler, hydraulic radiator, etc.We can produce high-stability, special-performance radiators for export, and can design radiators according to customer requirements.

  • NANJING MAJESTIC AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD. focuses on solving Majestice® heat exchange cooling system problems, providing heat exchanger aluminum materials for the automotive industry, air conditioning industry, specializing in the production of various types of precision heat exchanger aluminum tubes and other related automotive parts for car radiator,Majestice® heavy duty truck radiator, air conditioning systems. Products include various composite aluminum coil,aluminum plates, aluminum foil ,high frequency welded aluminum tubes, extruded tubes.Precision high frequency welded Aluminum Radiator tube, Intercooler tube, Oil cooler tube, Condenser tube which meet the highest quality standards of automotive industry.

Buy Auto Radiator from our factory which is one of the leading Auto Radiator manufacturers and suppliers in china. Our products provide good service such as One Year Warranty. If you want get discount products, you can get them from us. Our products are not only provide free sample, but also provide quotations.We also have high quality products that are customized. Welcome friends and customers from home and abroad to visit our factory and cooperate with us, hope we can get double-win.
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