Folded Radiator Tube
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Folded Radiator Tube

The folded radiator tube is made from thin plate rolls through a multi-step roll forming process, so that the thin plate gradually becomes a "B" shape. Type B tubes have certain advantages-especially in terms of strength. The folded ends of the tube sheet are brazed into the tube, which forms a very strong bridge between the walls. This leads to a higher burst pressure.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

Standard flat radiator tubes are seam welded on one side-the folded tubes are joined together during the brazing process. It is generally observed that folded radiator tube ("B-tubes") are more difficult to braze than brazed pipes. Due to the wrinkles in the folded radiator tube, there is a triangular gap between the flat exterior of the tube wall surface and the convolution of the heat sink, which is a common fault location of the tube to the header joint. Another common feature of the folded radiator tube design is that the fin-to-tube joint is always larger on the folded tube side than on the non-folded tube side. This is due to the path created by the fold in the tube, which allows the filler metal to flow upward from the header, the tube, and from the folded panel of the tube upwards into the fin to the tube joint.

2.Product Feature And Application

1. Bright, no corrosion, no oxidation
2. Straight, no deformation
3. Strong and tough, with perfect corner bend at 90 degree angle
4. Neat and smooth cutting section, no burrs
5. High frequency welding, precise specifications, easy to install
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Mainly used in the following applications:
Oil cooler
heat sink
Heater core

3.Our advantage

1.we have rich experience in this industry in China;
2.We have our own development department for new material research;
3.Good experience and cooperation with major global customers;
4.Passed ISO9001-2008 certification;
5.High cost performance.
6.Fast delivery time;
7.Good communication skills, good service and understanding of customers;


Q:OEM/ODM available?
A:Yes,we can!
Q:Could you provide sample?
A:Yes, We are honored to offer you samples for quality check.
Q:What is your sample policy?
A:We can supply the sample if we have ready parts in stock, and you just need to pay the shipping cost.

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