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How to distinguish seamless aluminum tube and welded extruded aluminum tube?


The seamless aluminum tube has better pressure bearing than the seamed aluminum tube. The texture of the seamless tube is relatively average. The welded tube will have a small amount of burn damage in the local chemical composition of the weld, so the mechanical properties are slightly worse than that of the seamless tube, but it is not very different. If it is used for bending tubes, it is recommended to use. seamless tube, as welded tube are prone to cracking.

Under the condition of the same material aluminum tube:

1. The seamless aluminum tube can be used for fluid parts such as: water body stamping, air hydraulic pressure, etc., machined parts, grinding sets and other important parts.

2. Seam aluminum tubes are generally used for structural supports. Like some parts that do not require too high precision, ordinary support functions are used more, but the pressure on the fluid is limited. In terms of performance, the seamless aluminum tube is stronger than the seam aluminum tube, and the accepted weight is higher than that of the seam aluminum tube.