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Harmonica aluminum tubes


Harmonica aluminum tube consists of a flat tube and several flow channels opened in the flat tube. The runner is filled with cooling medium during use.Because the inner flow channel of the harmonica aluminum tube is special-shaped, the flow area is small, and the heat exchange efficiency is low, which reduces the use of the harmonica special-shaped tube. 

Harmonica tubes-generally made of aluminum. The flat tube is long and has a flow channel, resulting in insufficient rigidity and poor mechanical stability of the harmonica aluminum tube. The solar energy application system is characterized by a large area and high requirements on the rigidity and mechanical stability of the components. This greatly limits the use of harmonica aluminum tubes. 

The purpose of the harmonica tube is to provide a harmonica-shaped aluminum tube with a large heat exchange area for heat dissipation. The wall of the harmonica tube is provided with a plurality of evenly distributed tooth grooves, which increases the internal surface area of the tube and greatly increases the flow area between the internal wall of the tube and the cooling medium, thereby increasing the exchange area of the heat pipe itself. , It is helpful to improve the heat exchange efficiency.