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What is the reason for the high temperature of the car radiator?


Reasons for high car water temperature:

1. Insufficient coolant:Long-term water circulation when the engine is working will cause the coolant in the engine cooling system to slowly lose, leading to water shortage in the water tank. If the owner does not check and find out and add the coolant in time, it will easily cause the engine water temperature to be too high;

2. Radiator is leaking:Broken or loose connection of the water tank connected to the water pipe will cause water leakage. At this time, the water circulation will be blocked, and if it is serious, it will cause the engine to "boil";

3. Cooling fan failure:The cooling fan is damaged or the wire is short-circuited, which causes the fan to work or the cooling fan rotates slowly, which will cause the heat of the engine to be unable to dissipate, and the water temperature of the engine will naturally rise;

4. Thermostat failure:The thermostat is a device that controls the flow path of the coolant. Once it gets stuck or fails, the size of the engine's circulation is bound to be affected, and the engine's heat cannot be effectively dissipated;

5. Water pump failure:After the water pump fails, the heat conduction water of the engine cannot be circulated and updated in time, so the water temperature will rise rapidly after the engine is started, and the water temperature warning light on the dashboard in the car will also be on.