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What should we do if the car radiator temperature is too high?


1. If you find that the engine water temperature is high during driving, you should first find a safe and shady place to pull over and stop. Let the vehicle run at idle speed, do not stall, because the cooling fan and coolant circulation will stop after stalling, which will make the engine hotter;

2. Open the hood to increase air circulation. After the water temperature drops, unscrew the water cover of the radiator by one level, and then open it after the internal water vapor pressure is completely discharged;

3. Check the liquid in the radiator, whether the fan is abnormal, and check whether the water tank connection pipeline is leaking, and then check whether the coolant is sufficient. If there is no available coolant on the car, you can replace it with mineral water. After the water temperature drops, you can continue driving. However, you need to replace the coolant with a new one afterwards and check whether the liquid level drops seriously. If there is, then we have to Find the leak location;

4. In the face of engine overheating, what can usually be done is to check and add coolant. As for other faults such as water pumps, thermostats, etc., you should ask for help as soon as possible.