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How to maintain cooling intercooler?


External cleaning (car cleaning method):
Since the intercooler is installed in the front, the radiator channel of the intercooler is often blocked by leaves, sludge (hydraulic oil overflowing from the steering oil tank), etc., which hinders the heat dissipation of the intercooler, so the place should be cleaned regularly. The method of cleaning is to use a water gun with a low pressure at an angle perpendicular to the plane of the intercooler to slowly flush from top to bottom or from bottom to top, but it must not be flushed diagonally to prevent damage to the intercooler.

Internal cleaning and inspection (disassembly, inspection and cleaning method):
The internal pipes of the intercooler are often accompanied by dirt such as sludge and gum, which not only narrows the air flow channel, but also reduces the cooling and heat exchange capacity. For this reason, maintenance and cleaning are also necessary. Generally, the interior of the intercooler should be cleaned and inspected every year or when the engine is overhauled or the water tank is welded and repaired.

Cleaning method: Add an aqueous solution containing 2% soda ash (the temperature should be 70-80°C) into the intercooler, fill it up, and wait for 15 minutes to see if there is any leakage in the intercooler. If necessary, it should be disassembled and inspected, and repaired by welding (the same as repairing the water tank); if there is no leakage, shake back and forth, repeat several times, pour out the lotion, and then fill it with a clean aqueous solution containing 2% soda ash to rinse. Until it is relatively clean, add clean hot water (80- -90°C) for cleaning until the released water is clean. If the outside of the intercooler is stained with oil, it can be cleaned with alkaline water. The method is: soak the oil in the lye and remove it with a brush until it is clean. After cleaning, use compressed air to dry the water in the intercooler or let it dry naturally. , And then connect the engine intake pipe. If you find that the intercooler core is seriously dirty, you should carefully check where there are leaks in the air filter and the air intake pipes, and eliminate the fault.