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Why do turbo use engine intercooler?


This is actually related to the quality and temperature of the air. Because the temperature of the air after turbocharging will increase due to compression, this is a basic physical principle, and all kinds of air conditioners now use this principle.

Generally, the value of the rising temperature of the gas after pressurization needs to be viewed according to the working condition of the turbocharger. Generally, the higher the speed, the greater the pressure of the pressurization, and the higher the rising temperature. This is a year-on-year data. But at present, it generally rises by about 40 to 60 degrees. Coupled with the original temperature of the air, the pressurized gas leaks out and can easily burn people.
The advantage of installing an intercooler is that you can open an air inlet in the engine compartment to divert the low-temperature air outside and hit the intercooler to cool down.