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Daily maintenance of auto intercooler


1. External cleaning:
Since the auto intercooler is installed at the front of the car, there may be debris such as sludge, leaves, etc., blocking the radiating fin passage of the intercooler, so it should be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, you can use a low-pressure water gun at an angle perpendicular to the plane of the intercooler, and rinse slowly from top to bottom or bottom to top. Never flush at an angle to prevent damage to the intercooler.

2. Internal cleaning and inspection:
Oil sludge is often attached to the internal pipes of the auto intercooler. Dirt such as gums not only narrows the air flow channel, but also reduces the cooling and heat exchange capacity. For this reason, maintenance and cleaning are also necessary. Generally, the interior of the intercooler should be cleaned and inspected every year or when the engine is overhauled and the water tank is cleaned.