Plate fin intercooler cores
  • Plate fin intercooler coresPlate fin intercooler cores

Plate fin intercooler cores

Plate fin intercooler cores are part of a water-cooled heat exchanger. Can be used as water-cooled oil-cooled/air-cooled. Used in many industries, it is a key component of heat exchangers. Water cooler Air fin height and pitch adjustable (fin height 3-11mm, fin pitch 8-20FPI)

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Product Description

Aluminum Intercooler Cores

Nanjing Majestic Auto Parts Company was established in March 2016, and has been focusing on the R&D and export of heat exchangers, oil coolers, radiators, heat exchanger aluminum fins, ordinary aluminum cores and plate fin intercooler cores related products. Our heat exchangers cover construction machinery or diesel engines, diesel generators, automobiles, motorcycles, air compressors, wind power, ships, hydraulic equipment, trucks, electric buses, oil fields, etc. We can provide you OEM of a large number of products with your design and brand. Aftermarket spare parts can also be customized. We provide technical design and solutions, will supply your oil cooler according to your model and confirm. And supply product related accessories at any time;

Features of Plate fin intercooler cores:

1. Combination Welded Cores - Air and Oil Cores
2 . Brazing aluminium core/rod and plate
3. Great for field conversions
4. compact design
5. light weight
6. Compact, high-performance all-aluminum core components
7 Can be assembled with fan and fan cover

Application of Plate fin intercooler cores:

- Highly flexible design options
-Enhanced internal fin geometry for superior cooling
-Various thermal fins to balance internal pressure drop
-High-efficiency louver fins, excellent heat dissipation
- Variety of anti-debris non-louver fins
Squeeze tanks designed to withstand high pressure handling of low viscosity fluids
- Welded fuel tank for long life without leakage - Integrated
Bypass safety valve


Q. Can't find the type you want?
A. Contact us by our engineers to design a solution for your requirements.
Q. Express method and arrival time?
A. The express company is preferred, or according to the shipping method specified by the customer.
Q. Is there any quality problem after receiving the goods?
A. Before leaving the factory, we test the quality and performance of each product to ensure that there will be no problems with the quality of the received goods.
Q. Don't like the existing packaging, express delivery?
A. Customized packaging or delivery according to customer requirements.

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