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Nanjing Majestic Auto Parts Company is focus on solving the questions of cooling system. We are one of the largest China cooling system manufacturers. The cooling system in the vehicle has a dual function. The system keeps the engine cool while providing heat to the occupants in winter. The most important and effective way to ensure the best condition of the cooling system is to ensure that the system is clean. Here, Nanjing Majestic Auto Parts can provide services for your cooling system if you need any auto parts. If any needs or questions, you can contact us at any time. Looking forward to work with you.

The performance of a car depends to a large extent on the cooling system. No matter how timid the engine is, it will not work properly without a cooling system. If the engine overheats, the engine may even fail instantaneously, and all other auto parts under the hood may also be damaged. When the engine burns fuel in the combustion chamber, they may melt, and the pistons in the cylinder may expand so much that they cannot move to complete the entire process of the engine.The vehicle radiator is the main component that allows the cooling system to dissipate heat. The fluid has the largest surface area when passing through the radiator fins, and when the surrounding fins are heated from the coolant flowing through them, the ambient temperature air is allowed to cool the fins.

The radiator is an indispensable important component of cooling system. Its function is to pass the excess heat carried by the coolant in the engine's water jacket through the secondary heat exchange, and absorb it from the high-temperature parts under the action of the external forced airflow. The heat is dissipated into the air by the heat exchange device. This year, due to the development of new technologies, more and more attention has been paid to improving the performance of auto plastic aluminum radiator. Due to the different environments in which products are located, our products have continuously improved in high temperature and corrosion resistance to ensure the auto plastic aluminum radiator effect in the cooling system, as well as reliable economic.
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  • As a professional Majestice® Auto Plastic Aluminum Radiator manufacture, we would like to provide you Auto Plastic Aluminum RadiatoWith the continuous advancement of science and technology, people's requirements for various products are constantly escalating, and the structure and material performance matching between components is moving towards lightweight, high reliability, low price, and environmental protection in production. The same is true in the automotive industry, so more and more people choose auto plastic aluminum radiator and all-aluminum radiators.

  • Majestice® Aluminum radiator core made in CHINA is part for water cooled heat exchanger. It can be used as water cooled/oil cooler/air cooled . applied in many industries .Aluminum radiator core is key part of heat exchanger .

  • As a professional Majestice® China 2 Rows Aluminum Radiator manufacture, you can rest assured to buy 2 Rows Aluminum Radiator from our factory.The right cooling system starts with the right radiator. The aluminum radiator cools more efficiently and is lighter than the old OEM style brass unit. Choose from a variety of popular application-specific accessories. Our high-performance radiator series will provide 2 Rows Aluminum Radiator , 3 Rows Aluminum Radiator and 2 Rows Aluminum Radiator row sizes, as well as various cooling products.

Buy Cooling System from our factory which is one of the leading Cooling System manufacturers and suppliers in china. Our products provide good service such as One Year Warranty. If you want get discount products, you can get them from us. Our products are not only provide free sample, but also provide quotations.We also have high quality products that are customized. Welcome friends and customers from home and abroad to visit our factory and cooperate with us, hope we can get double-win.
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