Aluminum radiator cover
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Aluminum radiator cover

The function of the aluminum radiator cover is to seal the water cooling system and regulate the working pressure of the system. The material of the radiator cover can be aluminum, copper, iron, etc. Welcome to contact us if have any needs or inquiry. Looking forward to working with you.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction
The function of the radiator is to transfer the heat absorbed by the coolant in the body to the outside air and reduce the temperature of the coolant. The radiator consists of a water supply chamber, a water discharge chamber, a radiator core, a radiator cover, a drainage switch, etc. The function of aluminum radiator cover is to seal the water cooling system and adjust the working pressure of the system.
Generally, the steam valve and air valve are closed under the action of spring. When the temperature in the radiator rises to generate steam and the pressure rises to a certain value, the steam valve opens and the steam is discharged from the steam exhaust pipe. When the water temperature drops and the vacuum generated by the cooling system reaches a certain value, the air valve is inhaled and opened, and the air enters the radiator from the exhaust pipe.
Compensation barrel compensation barrel is also called liquid storage tank, expansion tank and auxiliary water tank. The compensation bucket is made of plastic and is connected with the overflow pipe and coolant port on the radiator through a hose. When the coolant is heated and expanded, part of the coolant flows into the compensation bucket; When the coolant cools, part of the coolant is sucked back to the radiator, so the coolant will not be lost.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

Product Name

Aluminum Radiator cover









3.Product Advantage And Application
The main function of aluminum radiator cover is to release excess water or pressure when the cooling system expands due to temperature and pressure rise; It flows into the auxiliary water tank. When the cooling system temperature is low, the auxiliary water tank is reopened through the aluminum radiator cover. The water is sucked back into the cooling system to keep the water in the cooling system free from water shortage when the temperature is high or low.
The other is an aluminum radiator cover with a fixed pressure value. Water does not boil easily under high pressure. It boils easily under low pressure. Boiling produces air. Therefore, the aluminum radiator cover can maintain a constant pressure in the system and boil it with high pressure. To increase the heating efficiency, the purpose of the pressurized radiator is to prevent water boiling and make it more effective in heat dissipation.

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