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Fin Punching Press

We not only produce aluminum tubes, fins and other radiator accessories, but also solve production problems for customers. If you need production lines, such as fin punching press, tube making machines and other equipment, you can contact us at any time. My aim is to serve customers with high-quality products, satisfactory service, and sincerity and trust.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

The production of fins is one of the most important processes in any heat exchanger manufacturing process. For many of these heat exchangers, the fins to be produced will be manufactured on a reciprocating fin punching press (also called a fin press). We usually produce fins from metals such as aluminum, inconel to stainless steel. The Fin Press Tooling of these machines can meet the needs of various fin styles from traditional straight fins to offset or zigzag to herringbone or wavy fins. In addition, we also offer other presses with different widths and functions. We will be happy to design the best system for you according to the specific requirements of your application.

2.Product Feature And Application

The fin punching press is a special production line for fin production in the refrigeration industry. It consists of a high-speed precision punch, a discharge rack, an oil tank, a drawing device (single and double jump), a suction rack, a collecting rack, an electrical system, and a pneumatic system.
-The fin punching press includes a hydraulic overload protection device to protect the host and mold, which is easy to use
-Human-machine interface and PLC electrical control system to ensure the reliable operation of automatic punching;
-The slider has a hydraulic lifting function, which is convenient for mold installation and debugging
-It has protection functions such as receiving error, no oil alarm, no material detection, etc.
-Equipped with hydraulic quick mold changing device, making mold changing faster and more convenient;


Q:How do you quote and how long is the validity period of the quote?
A:We will usually make a quotation via email within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry. The price is valid for 30 days.
Q:Why we can choose you?
A:We can provide fast response service, Short lead time and competitive price.
Q:Where is your factory located?
A:We are in Nanjing

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