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Roller Fin Machines

Our roller fin machines are designed and manufactured by our skilled technicians in accordance with the industry's highest standards. These roller fin machines are easy to use, interchangeable and cost-effective.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

This roller fin machines are specially designed to continuously form corrugated heat sinks from aluminum foil coils.
The Roller Fin Machines have many functions such as uncoiling, tensioning, feeding, automatic spraying of lubricant, fin rolling, fin fixing, automatic cutting, non-material detection, automatic stopper detection, and automatic shutdown when overloaded.
The Roller Fin Machines inverter speed is adjustable, servo feeding, touch screen operation, simple and convenient.
The Roller Fin Machines adopts a quick tool change design and can roll different fins.
Typical aluminum fins rolled by roller fin machines :

2.Product Details

We will fully customize our roll molds and molds according to the tolerances given by the material you are looking for to meet your required specifications. A cemented carbide fin mold will provide your mold with a longer service life, while another material may be more cost-effective and can meet your current needs. Our precision molds will ensure that the molds adjacent to your roller fin machines are matched to meet the required fins, amplitude, overall transmission rate, shutter angle and fin length per inch.


Q:Which certificate do you have?
A:Our factory is certified by ISO/ TS16949
Q:Do you have detailed and professional installation manual?
A:Yes, we can provide detailed and professional installation manual.
Q:Which countries have you exported for ?

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