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High Speed Fin Machine

The shape of the blade of the High Speed Fin Machine developed and designed by our company adopts special high-precision processing technology and special heat treatment method to make the forming roll more high-strength wear resistance, and to ensure that the fin forming roll has a longer service life. . If you have any needs, customers are welcome to contact.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

The fin machine refers to the stamping fin machine, which can produce square fins with a height of 10 mm, including straight fins, offset fins, and corrugated fins.
The fin is the basic element of the plate-fin heat exchanger. Commonly used fin forms are: straight fins, zigzag fins, multiple hollow fins, corrugated fins, louvered fins, etc.
The High Speed Fin Making Machine is a special equipment for punching plate-fin heat exchange fins. Equipped with corresponding molds, it can punch all the above-mentioned types of fins. Its punched fins have high dimensional accuracy and good row effect, and are widely used by plate-fin heat exchanger companies.
The fin machine is divided into High Speed Fin Machine, low-speed fin machine, stamping fin machine and rolling fin machine.

2.After-sales service

With the increasing technical content of products, users have increasingly strict requirements for products, and service work has increasingly become an important factor in the development of enterprises. In order to ensure the services provided to users, in order to give full play to the advantages of fast and effective services, our company Based on many years of practical experience, the requirements for service work are becoming more and more rapid, comprehensive and efficient. Our company has been adhering to the user-oriented service policy for a long time, and gradually formed a set of advanced and complete service system. Our policy and system have experienced the test of the market, ensuring that our High Speed Fin Machine can operate more well in the vast domestic market,we will:
1.When a customer purchases a machine, the company cooperates with the user to do a good job of after-sales tracking, such as the detailed information (name, address,,,, etc.) of the purchase unit and use unit, and submit it to the user service department for computer management and establish detailed user files. In order to track the service anytime in the future
2.For this High Speed Fin Machine, the warranty period of our company's fin forming machine is 12 months for the whole machine.
3.Normal service response time is 24 hours


Q:Do you have detailed and professional installation manual?
A:Yes, we can provide detailed and professional installation manual.
Q:How many staffs do you have in your factory?
A:How many staffs do you have in your factory?
Q:How do you quote and how long is the validity period of the quote?
A:We will usually make a quotation via email within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry. The price is valid for 30 days.

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