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Fin Stamping Machine

The fin machine refers to the fin stamping machine, which can produce square fins with a height of 10 mm, including straight fins, offset fins, and corrugated fins. Applications include: aviation, low temperature, industrial, automotive.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

We also can supply Fin Stamping Machine. The kind of fin punching machine can keep the fin height and pitch accuracy in order with dedicated fin tooling mold. By replacing fin tooling die, you can produce different fins ( offset fin, straight fin, perforated fin, louvered fin, square wave fin, herringbone wave fin, etc) with one set of fin machine.
Please offer your fin specification including fin height, pitch, thickness, material, max fin flow length, etc, we can match the optimized fin forming machine to meet your cooling needs.

2.Product Feature And Application

One of the most important processes in any heat exchanger manufacturing operation is the production of fin. For many of these heat exchangers, the fin to be produced will be manufactured on a Reciprocating Fin Stamping machine also known as a Fin Press.
We has developed a complete line of Fin forming machine including one of the most technically advanced high precision machines available on the market today. And we will engineer a fin press specifically for the requirements of your application.


Q:Do you have any real project pictures of the equipment?
A:Yes,all product pics are real pics
Q:Do you have detailed and professional installation manual?
A:Yes, we can provide detailed and professional installation manual.
Q:Can we visit your factory?
A:Of course,we are warmly welcome you to our factory.

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