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Radiator assembly

Nanjing Majestic Auto Parts Co., Ltd. focuses on solving heat exchange and cooling system problems, providing heat exchanger aluminum materials for the automotive industry and air conditioning industry, specializing in the production of various precision cooling aluminum tubes, radiator assembly, and air conditioning system components. The company meets the ever-changing needs of customers, provides customers with high-quality products and good services at competitive prices, and assists customers in enhancing their competitiveness. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of all our work.

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Product Description

1.Product Introduction

The radiator assembly belongs to the automobile cooling system. The radiator in the engine water cooling system is composed of three parts: the water inlet chamber, the water outlet chamber, the main fin and the radiator core. The coolant flows in the radiator core, and the air passes outside the radiator. The hot coolant becomes cold by dissipating heat to the air, and the cold air heats up by absorbing the heat dissipated by the coolant.

2.Product Material 
There are two main types of radiator assembly: aluminum and copper. The former is used in general passenger cars and the latter is used in large commercial vehicles.
Automotive radiator materials and manufacturing technology have developed rapidly. With its obvious advantages in lightweight materials, aluminum radiators are gradually replacing copper radiators in the fields of cars and light vehicles. At the same time, copper radiator manufacturing technology and technology have made great progress. Copper brazing radiators are used in passenger cars, Obvious advantages in engine radiators such as construction machinery and heavy trucks. The radiators for foreign cars are mostly aluminum radiators, which are mainly considered from the perspective of environmental protection (especially in European and American countries). In new European cars, aluminum radiators account for an average of 64%. From the perspective of the development prospects of my country's automobile radiator production, the number of aluminum radiators produced by brazing has gradually increased. Brazing copper radiators are also used in buses, trucks and other engineering equipment.

The radiator assembly is an indispensable and important component in the automotive water-cooled engine cooling system, and it is developing in the direction of lightness, efficiency and economy. The structure of the radiator assembly is constantly adapting to new developments.
The core of the tube-fin radiator is composed of many thin cooling tubes and fins, and most of the cooling tubes use oblate cross-sections to reduce air resistance and increase heat transfer area.
The core of the radiator should have enough flow area for the coolant to pass through, and at the same time, it should have enough air flow area to allow enough air to pass through to take away the heat transferred from the coolant to the radiator. At the same time, it must have enough heat dissipation area to complete the heat exchange between the coolant, air and the heat sink.
The tube-belt radiator is formed by welding the corrugated radiating belt and the cooling tube alternately.
Compared with the tube and fin type radiator, the tube and band radiator can increase the heat dissipation area by about 12% under the same conditions. In addition, there are louver-like holes on the heat dissipation belt that disturb the airflow to destroy the flowing air on the surface of the heat dissipation belt. The adhesion layer on the upper side improves the heat dissipation capacity.

Q:Can you produce according to the samples?
A:Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.
Q:How to ship?
A:Sea freight,Air freight,express;
Q:What is your terms of delivery?
A:We can do EXW, FOB,FCA, CFR, CIF.ect
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