Radiator Production Line

Nanjing Majestic Company is one of professional radiator production line suppliers in china. We not only produce radiators, but also provide customers with radiator production line. We are in a good position not only to supply you high quality assembly, but also the excellent after sales service. Well-trained engineers will offer you any technical support.Our goal is to solve customer needs and manufacture high-quality products and machines. At present, our machines are sold to many countries in Asia, America, Europe and Oceania. Any problems You can come to consult us at any time and look forward to have a cooperation with you.

A Radiator Production Line including Radiator Fin Machine,Brazing Furnace ,Leak Test machine,Tube Cutting Machine, tube machine,Core Assembly Machine ect.The fin machine refers to the stamping fin machine, which can produce square fins with a height of 10 mm, including straight fins, offset fins, and corrugated fins.Brazing Furnace mainly used for brazing production of aluminum parts in a protective atmosphere. Leak Test machine mainly used for product sealing test, waterproof test, IP protection level test.The tube cutting machine is suitable for cutting alloy pipes, carbon steel pipes, stainless steel pipes and non-ferrous metal pipes. The tube making machines are mainly used for the production of automobile radiator pipes, intercooler pipes and condenser pipes. The automatic core assembly machine uses continuously supplied fins and tubes, and manually installed main pieces (collecting tubes) and side plates to assemble the heat exchanger cores of specific specifications required by customers.

The advantage of the radiator production line from Our company:
1. High efficiency: Any inquiry or email you have will be answered within 24 hours.
2. Professional: more than ten years of technical and sales support team to provide you with the best service.
3. Packaging and transportation: Before packaging, strict tests must be carried out to ensure that there is no leakage.
4. High-quality and competitive price: We use high-quality materials, we have advanced production equipment, strict production requirements, and reasonable prices.
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  • We not only produce aluminum tubes and aluminum materials and other radiator accessories, but we also provide customers with pipe making machines, Manual Tube Cutting Machine,Automatic Tube Cutting Machine, etc., aiming to solve customer production problems. We have a professional technical team that can provide professional technical services and high-quality The product, if any needs, you can contact us at any time.

  • Automatic Leak Testing Machine, using computer microcomputer control, equipped with barcode scanning function, and remote control function. Widely used in radiators, condensers, coolers, copper, automobile radiators, aluminum radiators: die-cast aluminum radiators, steel-aluminum composite radiators, all-aluminum radiators and other products on-line air tightness testing, sealing testing , It can also be used in the laboratory for air tightness test and sealing test.

  • The condenser leak test machine adopts the latest foreign microcomputer chip, high-precision sensor and zero-leak solenoid valve to ensure the accuracy of the test results and the durability of the instrument. The microcomputer automatically controls the detection process and collects data, and uses the latest algorithms and special software to analyze and process the data, which compensates to the greatest extent the effects of temperature (including ambient temperature) during the detection process. It overcomes external interference and realizes direct pressure difference leak detection. The detection result is intuitive and has a high cost performance ratio. It is an ideal equipment for many air tightness detection.

  • There are many brands of air leak test machine on the market, so how should we choose an air leak test machine? Which air leak test machine is good? In fact, for many customers, this problem is very obvious when choosing an air leak test machine. The following is a summary of the summary of the leak tester performance knowledge.

  • Our Heat Treatment Furnace Brazing has good structural strength, small thermal deformation and long service life. Under normal working conditions, its service life can reach more than 1.5 years.And adopt a variety of alarms and circuit interlocking automatic protection devices to ensure the safe operation of the furnace.

  • This continuous brazing furnace uses high-temperature heating to continuously braze metal products under the condition that the ammonia and hydrogen decomposed by the liquid ammonia decomposition furnace are used as the atmosphere. Because there is hydrogen protection in the furnace, the metal products can be reduced under the conditions of high temperature in the furnace. Welding products can achieve smoothness and brightness. The brazed workpieces include iron-based workpieces, copper-based workpieces, and stainless steel workpieces.

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